January 6th, 1988 :
- PT. Indra Eramulti Logam Industri is established.
- Starts the production of Soft Lead and Antimonial Lead Alloy using technology from Taiwan.
December 1990 :
Official Announcement by the President of Indonesia.
May 1995 :
Starts the production of Calcium Lead Alloy using technology from United States of America.
October 1997 :
Being granted ISO 9002 by Benchmark Certification Pty. Ltd. Australia.
March 1998 :
Starts the production of Red Lead using technology from Japan.
June 2002 :
Installs / develops an Electro Refining to produce Pure Lead Ingot (Pb 99.99% min) using
technology from China.
2008 :
Develops new line of business : Copper Scrap trading.
2010 :
- Being granted ISO 9001:2008 by PT. URS Services Indonesia.
- Develops new line of business : Ferro Silicon and Electrolytic Manganese Metals Trading.
- Develops new line of mining business : Nickel Ore, Iron Ore, Steam Coal.
- Applies for ISO 14001.