Conflict Minerals policy

Our subsidiary, PT. Bukit Timah and PT. Babel Inti Perkasa are companies located in Bangka and Belitung Island which engaged in the processing and refining of tin ore with commitment to process high quality Tin Ingot. PT. Bukit Timah is the first private smelter in Indonesia to be registered on London Metal Exchange (LME) with the brand “IMLI”. PT Babel Inti Perkasa is also producing high quality Tin Ingot with brand “IMLI BELITUNG”.

We are highly committed to offer safe work environment to our employees and ensuring that our work practices are environmentally responsible. This policy is further reflected in our commitment to serving as an industry champion for a conflict-free supply chain.
According to Section 1502 of the US Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act signed into law 1 by President Obama on July 21st 2010 which defines ‘Conflict Minerals and Metals’ as gold, tin, tantalum, and tungsten, the derivatives of cassiterite, columbite-tantalite, and wolframite. Our company supports the objectives of the law to reduce the link between mining and conflict in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries and further the humanitarian goal of ending violent conflict there.
Conflict Minerals and Metals are materials(Gold, tin, tantalum, and tungsten, the derivatives of cassiterite, columbite-tantalite, and wolframite) which through their mining, production or supply have either knowingly or inadvertently been of benefit to illegal armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries. All such materials are excluded from our supply chain and therefore from our LME registered Tin brand, "IMLI” and also “IMLI BELITUNG”. PT. Bukit Timah and PT. Babel Inti Perkasa policy is to completely don’t use any Conflict Minerals and Metal in the supply chain. Our material, which is Tin ore, is 100% supplied by domestic source in Indonesia.
To achieve conflict free status in the supply chain management and to drive awareness throughout the industry so that all tin conflict materials are eliminated from its supply chain, PT. Bukit Timah and PT. Babel Inti Perkasa commits to the following actions :
- Purchase materials only from reputable suppliers. In all cases due diligence will be conducted on the supply
  chain to ensure that the supply does not contribute to conflict or human rights abuses. The origin of the
  materials is checked and verified for each shipment.
- Immediately discontinue engagement with suppliers who pose a reasonable risk to be supporting conflict. We
  offer only conflict free products, so the final customer in the supply chain can be confident that our Tin Ingot
  are produced from material which are conflict free.
- Comply at all times with applicable legislation such as, the U.S. Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer
  Protection Act (July, 2010), which encourages legitimate, conflict-free trade of minerals sourced from the
  Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the Great Lakes Region of Africa.
- Communicate our ethical and sustainable sourcing policy to our suppliers, employees, customers, and relevant
  stakeholders and perform internal monitoring of our performance to these standards.
We strongly encourage all organizations involved in Tin mining, manufacturing, or the use of Tin products to join us in keeping conflict minerals out of our supply chain.
Policy Established: December 2, 2013